What to Know When Buying a Car in Oman


Oman is a fascinating country that is worth exploring as much as possible!  It is the oldest independent Arab nation, now home to around 5 million people, many of whom rely on cars to get around.

An amazing place with a lot to see, Oman covers a wide range of geographies and cultural experiences.  But, you will need a car to get the most out of your Omani journey.

That’s why, in this article, we are going to cover three things you need to know about when buying a car in Oman.

1. Terrain

Oman is a unique country – a car that worked for you at home may not work for you in Oman.  So consult experts or locals, or at the very least do your own research into the Omani landscape!

Oman is home to an eclectic mix of terrains and climates – sun, sand, wind, storms, and mountains are all part and parcel!  You need a car that can deal with all of these challenges, whilst also being suitable for everyday life.

Even though you may not cross over all of these different landscapes in a single drive, you are likely to encounter them over a longer stay in Oman.

Many people choose to travel with an SUV, which is sure to be able to weather a storm and make you feel safe during intense sand or wind conditions.

Some SUVs that combine this practicality with everyday compatibility are the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ford Explorer, and the Mitsubishi Pajero.

2. Cost

Cost is always a serious consideration when making a big purchase.  A car certainly comes under that category as it needs to meet various standards.

As already discussed, a lot is required of cars in Oman – they have to be strong, versatile, and smart.  With all these boxes to tick, it is even more important that your purchase is cost efficient!

Cars are often seen as a good purchase to make in Oman due to the accessible price point and availability of popular car models.

Examples of cars that merge good performance with cost efficiency include the KIA Sportage, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Honda CRV.

3. Documentation

When it finally comes to buying your car in Oman, you will need to make sure you have the right credentials at the point of purchase.

Here are 6 things you will need:

  1. Original passport and passport copies with a copy of your visa;
  2. Passport photos;
  3. A copy of your labor card if you work for the Sultanate;
  4. Sponsorship certificate;
  5. Valid driver’s license and copies;
  6. Vehicle purchase form.

If you purchase (or sell) a car in Oman illegitimately, you are likely to feel the force of the law!  Make sure to go through the official channels to avoid hefty fines and the involvement of the Royal Oman Police.

But don’t be frightened!  It is very easy to be in line with official procedure along the whole process of buying a car, just follow the rules and regulations, which will be laid out clearly when you begin your search.

In Sum

There are a few things to consider before buying a car in Oman.  Some are more obvious, such as cost, while some are more specific to Oman such as the country’s particular qualities and legal requirements.

Carzaty is one company that is highly recommended when looking to buy a car in Oman.  They have a range of affordable cars on offer that can handle the terrains and climates of Oman, and they help you through the official channels!

Happy travels!!